My New Obsession: Secondhand Shopping and Selling on Poshmark


The complete opposite of a hoarder, I am an obsessive purger. I loathe clutter and want to get rid of anything that has not been used, worn, or applied in six months. I get a high from helping people clean out their closets and I am a regular clothes swapper, trader, and consigner. Poshmark was simply made for me.

It was a friend at the gym who inadvertently got me hooked on the iPhone app after telling me about the deal she got on a sweater. She has made thousands of dollars selling high-end goods from her closet and upgraded her wardrobe with fabulous second-hand finds. Poshmark is an online application that essentially allows you to upgrade your wardrobe for free – how much you make or spend is up to your own marketing and shopping willpower!

Being a “power-seller” does take some time and effort. But even busy working mothers like she and I can certainly find time to make our kids snap photos of us in unworn clothing. I was able to create just enough time to create almost 100 listings just by deleting Candy Crush from my phone. Now whatever downtime I have is being spent far more productively.

I certainly needed a wardrobe update. I was hanging on to designer items I had bought back when Sex and the City dictated style and before we all became much more economically and environmentally savvy. Plus with my body yo-yo-ing through pregnancies I am constantly updating my dress size.

So, let’s talk about the deals. I have been able to shop some of my favorite conventional brands without feeling guilty because they are secondhand. However, some of the items on Poshmark are new. But in the case of this Indigenous brand organic and fair trade dress, I got to buy one of my favorite eco-friendly brands for more than 50% off!

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 1.50.14 PM

Admittedly, I do feel a bit guilty selling my good things instead of donating them to Career Wardrobe, the local nonprofit I work with that runs a phenomenal resale shop. But they are still getting plenty of my hand-me-downs that aren’t the right fit for Poshmark – and I still organize clothing drives for my friends who have no interest in taking the time to posh!

Check out my closet and sign up using code BQNPY for a $5 credit!

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