Giveaway: Milk Diapers Reusable Nursing Pads

I’m always looking to switch from disposable to reusable products when it is practical. And my most recent switch has been to reusable nursing pads.

Leaking is a fact of life when breastfeeding. But I always hated those bulky, wasteful, overly-packaged disposable nursing pads. They didn’t even fit right and made my boobs look crazy. Switching to reusable, flat, seamless cloth ones was such a no-brainer I only wish I thought of it last time around.

The best ones I have found are Milk Diapers. These soft cotton nursing pads are softly contoured to naturally adjust to your shape. The 100% cotton is untreated and subsists of organic cotton yarns. They soak in leaks, to prevent leaking through clothing, without the use of unhealthy plastics or adhesives.

Breathable and absorbent, Milk Diapers promote a healthy environment for good nipple care. The unique and patented contour shaping allows a slim design which doesn’t show under knits, sweaters and even silks. The natural fibers cling to the surface of your bra and the shape keeps them centered. And if they peak out, it’s fine, because they come in beautiful lace-covered designs! Yes, nursing pads can be sexy – kinda.

Pre-shrunk in laundry settings, means no awkward surprises for you and that makes them easy to wash and dry and reuse hundreds of times.


Giveaway: Enter to win a Milk Diapers Sampling 6 Pad Pack consisting of two 5-layer white pads, two cream lace covered pads, and two moisture guard pads.

Disclosure: This company gave me a sample for review. Regardless, my opinions are honest. See my full disclosure here

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