CrossFit Kids program at Fearless Athletics

Yes, I am a CrossFit junkie. After signing up two years ago I quickly got in the best shape of my life – then got pregnant and kept on going and now I’m working my way back up. I’ve also sucked my husband into the program and piqued the curiosity of my 4-year-old with WOD Toys and talk of burpee penalties.

So he can’t wait to turn 5 and join the CrossFit Kids program at Fearless Athletics. The CrossFit Kids program brings broad, general, and inclusive fitness to youth ages 5 – 17. CrossFit Kids enjoy an active environment that fosters a unique combination of FUNctional fitness, games, and activities. During each session, the CrossFit Kids certified trainers teach appropriate movements to safely progress toward establishing mastery and control of all types of athletic skills.

Classes are offered for CrossFit Kids (ages 5-12) and CrossFit Teens (13-17 years old). And the price is right at $99 for 10 CrossFit Kids sessions with discounts for siblings and children of members. It’s cheaper than most local kids athletic programs and is an amazing confidence-builder. Learn more online.

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