The Waiting Game – Full Term and Ready to Pop

Thank you to all who gave support and advice when the baby was breech a couple weeks back. I don’t know if it was the moxibustion or playing “You Spin Me Round” to my crotch, but the baby did flip on her own!

Now I am 37 weeks – technically full term – and ready to go. Also, the baby is measuring huge, so it would be good to have her out before she is 10 pounds.

In the meantime, I remain the biggest pregnant woman in the world. I have gained 50 pounds of pure belly (and back fat). I can not walk down the street without several people harassing me, asking if I am having twins or just reminding me that I am simply huge. I am well aware of my size and inability to get out of bed without holding on to the rails and heaving myself upward.

But no more complaining, right? Let’s just get down to the business of trying to speed things along. I like to think I had a hand in going into labor one day early with my first while most first time babies are late. But as much as I can say it was having sex and eating pineapple, I’m pretty sure it’s just luck of the draw.

Of course I am going to eat pineapple anyway. And jump rope. And allow my husband the pleasure of having sex with someone twice his size. Because I am not a patient person and I’d really love to just get to the next phase of newborn madness and at the very least begin to shrink down to a manageable size.



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