Get a Free Month of Cloth Diaper Service from Bum and Tummy

With my first baby, it was a journey from disposable diaper to cloth diapers and then back after my diaper service sadly closed. So I was thrilled to learn about a new cloth diaper service in town, and I am all ready to do the right thing with my second baby due in June.

Bum & Tummy is an innovative company that combines the convenience of cloth diaper delivery and homemade organic baby food delivery in one great service. Bum & Tummy’s cloth diaper service makes is super easy for busy parents to provide their baby with the best in cloth diapering, while its Fresh Food Program is designed for busy parents that still want to provide their little ones with the best food possible.

My favorite part about the diaper service is that it is one of the few that will allow you to use your own cloth diapers and launder at a cheaper price, which is great since I have a ton left over from my first baby. Learn more about pricing and delivery options online.

Get a complimentary month of cloth diaper washing and delivery by mentioning this blog. Limited to Philadelphia and South Jersey area. Offer expires 6/30/13.


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