Shine Safely This Summer with Daily Elements Defense Face Oil

As the sun finally starts to show itself with longer and warmer days, La Bella Figura introduces a new product offering powerful protection against harmful UV rays and daily environmental exposure with high doses of antioxidants and skin restoring minerals. The star ingredient of La Bella Figura Daily Elements Defense Face Oil is Sacha Inchi Oil, a super source of omega 3 and 6.

Cell and tissue damage leads to collagen loss and vitality in skin appearance. DailyElements Defense Oil is formulated with the most potent actives found naturally in plants to restore oxidative stress and support skin’s ability to repair, renew, and strengthen. Key ingredients include high levels of Vitamins A and C from pure Guava seed and rosehip seed oils, collagen building squalene and linoleic acid in organic Camellia seed oil, and the richest source of omegas 3 and 6 found in Sacha Inchi oil. This essential antioxidant and nutrient dense oil is easily absorbed because of its small molecular structure, which increases circulation and draws oxygen to the skin helping to rebuild cell structure and support new cell growth from the deepest level.

Daily Elements Defense Face Oil is an active free radical fighting formula with a multitude of skin enhancing ability that delivers beautiful results. Use before and after element exposure on face, neck, and décolleté areas. Add a few drops of Daily Elements Defense Face Oil to your foundation for skin boosting antioxidant benefits or apply right over your makeup to create instant glow. Learn more and shop online.

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