Simple Tips for a Healthy + Safe Nursery from Healthy Child

I am proud to be an ambassador for Healthy Child Healthy World, the organization founded more than 20 years ago to ignite the movement that empowers parents to protect children from harmful chemicals.

And I am excited to be included in the organization’s first eBook, Easy Steps to a Healthy & SafeNursery, which offers new and expectant parents guidance in creating a healthier, safer place for babies to grow. The 35+ page eBook offers an in-depth guide and step-by-step tips, including: Startling facts around toxicity in today’s baby nurseries; Tips on choosing safer furniture + décor, baby care, and baby gear; A snapshot of common chemicals and how to avoid them; A 10-minute nursery makeover; and a list of other helpful books, mobile applications and web sites for additional information. You’ll find tips from experts and ambassadors like Tiffani Theissen, Laila Ali, & Kelly Rutherford, and yours truly!

This eBook is part of the all-new Healthy Nursery Toolkit – a resource center of information and educational tools developed to help parents protect children from harmful chemicals during a vulnerable stage of development. The toolkit also includes the new report The Toxic Takeover of Baby Nurseries: Chemicals of Concern Found in Almost Every Common Product & Furnishing, a downloadable brochure, and an upcoming powerful infograph and webinar.

Check it out for some practical advice, including how to make do with a conventional mattress, the differences between VOC levels in paint, and what to look for in secondhand baby gear.

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