New Interactive Map Shows Universal Plastic Bag Legislation. Can Philly Be Next?

From small towns to big cities, plastic bag bans and taxes have been successfully implemented to reduce waste and pollution. These non-biodegradable bags are responsible for unsightly litter, flooding, the degradation of soil, creating an unnecessary expense for businesses, wasting petroleum, and causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of animals a year. Unfortunately, with opposition from the plastics industry, these bans and taxes have been hard-won and often lost.

An innovative promotional item company, Factory Direct Promos has created an interactive, shareable bag ban map showcasing the stories behind the laws, bans, and taxes imposed in locations all over the world. This map makes it easy to track the movement and can even be used as a tool to bring new legislation to your own town or city.

Back in 2009, Philadelphia voted and rejected a plastic bag ban. But now local citizens are speaking up to let city council know that it’s time to put this ban back on the table. Please take a moment to sign the Philadelphia Plastic Bag Ban Petition and share with your friends, neighbors, and social media communities.

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