Heal Winter Blahs with Manuka Honey Face Masks from La Bella Figura Beauty

I have recently had the pleasure of working with La Bella Figura Beauty, a natural skincare line with some truly amazing products. The latest addition to the brand are Bio Active Healing Masks are formulated with bio active Manuka Honey 15+, known for its therapeutic enzymes with unique antibacterial components.

The Bio Active Purifying Mask for Problem Skin is a complexion-clearing formula designed to bring bacteria and dirt to the surface and balance oily skin types. A unique blend of Amazonian white clay, Rhassoul clay, white willow bark powder, and natural activated charcoal draws out toxins and impurities and exfoliates dead skin that can contribute to buildup and acne. I have been using this one and I absolutely love it – a little goes a long way as well so one bottle can last ages!

The Bio Active Healing Mask for Dry and Mature Skin works as a reparative remedy for skin seeking moisture, balance, and healing. This regenerative and hydrating face mask is a curative treatment for dry, irritated, and mature skin conditions.

La Bella Figura is also offering some really unique purifying facial teas, a delicious treat for DIY facials and clearing out those winter sinuses!

All of La Bella Figura’s gentle and healing formulas specifically target skin types to prevent and protect from damage. The La Bella Figura line includes oils, serums, fragrances, elixirs, facemasks, and balms. La Bella Figura is the first American brand to incorporate pure cold pressed Barbary Fig Seed Oil into its formulations. A unique and highly beneficial ingredient in anti-aging treatments, this rare oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit of the Opuntia Ficus Indica plant. Known for its high antioxidant chemistry and used in medicine worldwide, Barbary Fig Seed Oil fights free radicals with abilities to heal damaged skin and soothe irritations rapidly.

La Bella Figura uses only natural, organic, or wild-crafted ingredients that come from fair-trade, organic, and sustainable farms from the U.S., Morocco, Europe, and South America. La Bella Figura takes great pride in the fact that the high-grade ingredients in its products come from sustainable farms and cooperatives to promote the most beautiful, healthy, and gorgeous skin. All products are manufactured in Chicago and are sold at select retailers as well as online at www.labellafigurabeauty.com.

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