Greenlimbs Car-less Philly Challenge

Greenlimbs, a Philly-based Web site dedicated to offering sustainable information in a common sense, practical way, announces its Car-less Philly Challenge. From October 1-7, five intrepid volunteers will forfeit use of their personal vehicles in favor of alternative and public means of transportation.

Accepting the challenge are students, young professionals, and a prominent civic leader. Each will document their car-less journey for sharing on social media and in a summary to be published on at the conclusion of the challenge.

To start the challengers off on the right foot—bike, board, and bus—each will receive a tool kit containing a membership and driving credit for ZipCar, a driving credit for Uber car service, and SEPTA tokens.

The purpose of the Car-less Philly Challenge is to shed light on Philadelphia’s alternative/public transportation system and to encourage those who live, work and play in the city to do so more sustainably.

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