Go Green Get Fit Challenge: Merrell Lithe Glove Barefoot Shoe Review

With sore hips, knees, and various other joints not used to doing box jumps and dead lifts after 32 years, my doctor suggested that some barefoot style shoes might be helpful in realigning my body. So I was excited to test out the Merrell Lithe Glove Barefoot Shoe for the Go Green Get Fit Challenge.

The shoes do take a bit of getting used to. The cushioning on this type of shoe is minimal so I find it better for trail running than street running. But as I wear them more I may adapt to the barefoot style and find that perfectly comfortable.

What I like best about them is that they are super light weight and flexible, ideal for packing for trips where you’ll want to get a workout in. They are also very, very cute.

PlanetShoes.com’s mission is to offer fashionable, well-made, and earth-friendlier shoes in the most eco-conscious way possible. In addition to choosing from a selection of consciously-made footwear from brands like Patagonia, Kalso, El Naturalista, Think, Taos, Dansko, and Simple, you can reduce your footprint with their CarbonFree Shipping option or help support one of their planet-friendly non-profit partners. Get Free Shipping using this link.

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