Wash Cycle Laundry Offers Free Career Wardrobe Donation Pick Up

Career Wardrobe announces a free donation pick up day in partnership with Wash Cycle Laundry and Gearing Up. A woman’s future is hanging in your closet – and these three socially-minded organizations are teaming up to make it easier to transport your gently used clothing to empower local women.

On Monday, July 23, Wash Cycle Laundry, an innovative local laundry service that offers bicycle pickup and delivery, will offer free donation pickups provided in partnership with Gearing Up. Cyclists from both organizations will be taking donations between noon and 4 p.m. from participating homes and offices. Even donors who are not current Wash Cycle Laundry customers will be able to receive free Career Wardrobe donation pick-up by scheduling online.

This innovative partnership between three socially aware organizations is designed to increase cooperation between organizations that share elements of their missions. Gearing Up uses cycling to provide women in transition from abuse, addiction, and incarceration with the opportunity to safely ride a bicycle for exercise, transportation, and personal growth. Wash Cycle Laundry uses cycling to create quality jobs, conserve the environment, and reduce traffic. It hires a significant portion of its employed through welfare to work programs and is committed to providing upwardly mobile careers to local Philadelphians. All three organizations work toward positive social change and meaningful employment to benefit the local community.

As part of their continued partnership with Career Wardrobe, Wash Cycle Laundry allows customers to regularly donate directly to the organization during their laundry pick up. Customers can place items for donation into tagged Career Wardrobe bags to be delivered to Career Wardrobe. Items are then sorted as either interview- appropriate attire for clients or fashions to be sold at The Wardrobe Boutique, where 100% of the proceeds benefit the organization.

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