Raising Elijah: Protecting Our Children in an Age of Environmental Crisis

“Once you know you can’t not know.”

This is the theme of Raising Elijah. And it is the mantra in the minds of all environmental and health conscious moms — and part of why I wrote Spit That Out!

Once you know their could be arsenic in the playground and lead in the house paint and toxins in the toys, you can’t not know. Is blissful ignorance better? Ask that to the people I know whose children have been lead poisoned or are asthmatic because of the chemicals in their homes.

We have to be aware and we have to RALLY! We have to vote with our wallets, petition our government, and SPEAK UP in our schools, our communities, our churches, and our places of business!

Thank you Sandra Steingraber for all you do. This book is an eye-opening must read.

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