Discount on WOD Toys For Kids’ Fitness Play

OK, I’m about to review a product that is not made from sustainable materials, upcycled waste, or even made in America. But I have been obsessed with checking these out since I first heard about them because they do serve a purpose in line with my mission – making health and fitness fun for the whole family!

Readers know I have become a Cross Fit junkie. And even my almost-3-year-old has gotten in on the craze – doing burpees with perfect form and playing “wall balls” and “Box jumps” with mommy and daddy. So I had to try out some WOD Toys.

The Seattle-based toy manufacturer recently launched this line of CrossFit inspired children’s toys for ages 3 and up. The product line includes kettlebells, wall balls, plyo boxes, medballs, and mini barbells.

I love the company’s slogan: “Give your kids the tools to imitate your best moments.” What a fun, cool way to promote confidence in kids, emulating their parents achieving fitness goals.

While they are not constructed from the most sustainable materials, WOD Toys are at least transparent about their safety, clearly displaying their certificates of compliance for lead and phthalate levels. The company tells me that the harder plastic is made of ABS (deemed a safer plastic by our friends at The Soft Landing) and the softer plastic is TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), which is a broad term for a category of materials but I believe is generally a safer alternative to PVC.


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