Upcycle Your Occasion with Green Wedding Ideas from Hipcycle

The problem with getting married young is that your wedding may not reflect the people that you and your spouse really are. At 23, my husband and I hadn’t fully sorted out our identities, our priorities, or even our true lifelong friends. So while we haven’t changed our minds about each other, we quickly changed our minds about having registered for crystal martini glasses and sharing the day with co-workers from 2003.

If we could do it all over again – and we may as an anniversary party someday – we’d definitely significantly green our special day. A dozen roses on every table would be replaced with seasonal foliage and my dress would probably be upcycled from my original Vera Wang gown.

Upcycling your wedding with products from Hipcycle.com offers a creative, practical, and stunning twist for everything from centerpieces to bridesmaids’ gifts.

Make a statement with tables featuring napkin rings crafted from vintage silverware and stunning goblets made from Bordeaux bottles. Set unique places with corona lime platters or wine bottle sushi plates. Toast the new couple with tumblers crafted from their favorite beverage, from Stoli to Stout to Perrier.

Guests will be wowed by centerpieces created with upcycled glass, paper, or foil vases filled with real, paper, or “bottle bloom” glass flowers. For an even more dramatic table, set it off with a reclaimed wood spindelabra or artic votive candle holders. All of these can be special ordered in large quantities.

The green bride and groom will be happy to receive gifts that are truly trash turned treasure. Furnish a funky eco kitchen with reclaimed wood trivets and French cheese boards, a washer bowl, or an unforgettable wine rack made from textile spools or drain pipes.

Many of the 500+ products featured on Hipcycle.com are made in the U.S. while others are purchased through a commitment to fair-trade practices. Products can be searched for by purpose (i.e., home, garden, office) or by original material (i.e., wood, fabric, glass). Hipcycle also prides itself on telling the story behind the product, from its creator to its provenance.

Use code HCD15 for 15% off through 6/30/12.

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