Synthetic-Free Scents to Spice Up Your Home

As several of my greenie friends and I can attest, sense of smell can significantly improve once chemical fragrances are eliminated from your lifestyle. On the plus side, roses and oranges have never smelled so sweet. On the minus side, now the one beloved smell of Chanel Mademoiselle gives me a headache and I can smell a cigarette from a mile away.

Now I relish the true fresh and aromatic scents of natural products in my home.

For a truly delicious smell to freshen fabrics, I adore Malie Organics Organic Island Ambiance Linen and Room Spray in Plumeria. I was deeply dismayed to see that my beloved body mists have been discontinued, but hope that their perfumes will offer me the same light and fresh fragrance I love for everyday.

I got off my Febreze addiction with Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh Lemon Thyme, which uses live enzyme cultures and natural essential oils to eliminate tough odors that get trapped in fabrics.

My kitchen and bathroom stock Amala Aroma Apothecary Refresh Peppermint Room & Linen Mist, which have the added benefit of being a natural pest repellent. No matter how clean and careful you are, city living is sure to bring some unwelcome guests!

I’ve always thought it was an elegant touch to light candles in the bathrooms when we have guests over. We always choose soy over synthetic, and love the scent of  Soap & Paper Factory Green Tea Soy Candle.

For a quick boost on the go, therapeutic elixers from Lotus Wei offer peace, tranquility, and even energy boosts. Aromatherapy Personals help cure what ails you from jet lag to cravings.

Enjoy synthetic-free scents and enjoy the beautiful aromas that nature truly intended.

This post is part of a round-up by Healthy Child Healthy World, a nonprofit organization that empowers parents to protect children from harmful chemicals.


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