Upcycled Mother’s Day Picks from Hipcycle.com

Flowers for Mother’s Day isn’t just cliché, it’s pricy and predictable. Give mom something she doesn’t have to water with beautiful, upcycled floral arrangements that epitomize trash turned treasure.

From tequila bottle candles to chopstick baskets, Hipcycle.com is dedicated to selling innovative, stylish, and affordable upcycled products. Here are my picks for Mother’s Day 2012:

Bottle Blooms

Each one of these lovely blossoms is made from a glass bottle that has been cut and scored like petals, melted in a kiln, then fitted with a cork and an old coat hanger so that it may be placed in the ground. Designed for garden display or artfully arranged in an upcycled vase.

Glass and Paper Vase

Handmade in Vietnam, these glass and paper vases come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Created using a variety of upcycled papers, no two are alike.

Large Grey Goose Vase

If you’re old enough to share a drink with mom, you’re old enough to appreciate the bottle. Each vase is made from a reclaimed Grey Goose bottle which has been cut and sanded by hand. Also available in Ketel One, Jack Daniels, Don Julio, and your drink of choice.

Silver Foil Vase
Mom always wrapped your P,B,& J in aluminum foil. Offset her foil addiction with this shiny silver vase.

Shades Bud Vase

Made of four upcycled glass bottle tops mounted on a glass pane, these glass vases are sealed to prevent leakage.

In addition to these upcycled takes on floral presentations, Hipcycle offers a wide range of upcycled picture frames, perfect for framing family photos for mom.

Many of the 500+ products featured on Hipcycle.com are made in the U.S. while others are purchased through a commitment to fair-trade practices. Products can be searched for by purpose (i.e., home, garden, office) or by original material (i.e., wood, fabric, glass). Hipcycle also prides itself on telling the story behind the product, from its creator to its provenance.

Use code HCD15 for 15% off through 6/30/12.

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