Get Organic Groceries Delivered to Your Doorstep with Arganica Farm Club

I talked a lot in Spit That Out! about the time and energy it takes modern families to get all their groceries: the produce from the CSA, organic meat and dairy from Whole Foods or Farmer’s Markets, tampons and that occasionally Hershey’s craving from the conventional market.

I always loved the idea of having my groceries delivered to my door. But apart from the conventional markets like Acme and Shop Rite, I didn’t think organic home delivery on a broad scale was possible. Sure, we have our awesome Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA, but we have to walk 6 blocks just to get our fruits and veggies!

We have placed some orders with Green Polka Dot Box which offers up to  60% on organic and natural foods with a fee-based membership program similar to a Costco. However it doesn’t currently offer access to perishable foods like meat, dairy, and produce.

So I was excited to check out Arganica Farm Club, is the mid-Atlantic’s premier locally sourced food club which has just launched in my area. Joining Arganica gives you year-round access to an amazing variety of local farm-fresh, artisanal, and organic foods delivered directly to your home or office every week.

For a monthly fee of $19.50, an Arganica membership offers simple online ordering,  flexible membership terms allowing you to opt-in and opt-out at your convenience, free weekly delivery, regular pick-ups of returnables and deposit items, and a personalized customer profile page, allowing you to track membership, promotions, purchases, returnable credits, and more. Its fairly low commitment unlike a CSA where you need to have an order every week. Plus you can choose exactly what you want!

Small family farms provide fresh organic produce, hormone-free milk, cheese, eggs, and fresh meats including a range of fresh specialty meats, including buffalo, elk, and grass-fed goat and lamb. Arganica showcases the diverse output of local artisans and small-batch producers – everything from dips & sauces to vegetarian & vegan specialties to treats like ice cream and wine.

Arganica keeps it green by working with small to mid range producers, employing a series of drivers rather than maintaining a delivery fleet, and using all recyclable or recycled packaging (which they re-use as much as possible).

Arganica currently delivers to the Washington, DC metropolitan area and Philadelphia (including the New Jersey suburbs and Wilmington, Delaware).

Get 25% off your first month’s membership with Promo Code: Phillyarganican

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