Painting the Fence: How Cross Fit Training Impacts My Everyday Life

I’ve become one of those Cross Fit addicts who wants to talk about my workouts with anyone who will listen. Right now, the people willing to listen are limited to my fellow workout buddies and the dog.

But I do have to write about the ways in which my boot camp workouts have impacted my everyday life. I’ve found that movements and strength training have translated well into my daily chores – sort of like in Karate Kid when he finds out that waxing the car and painting the fence would train him well for fighting.

Here are my life changes thus far:

– I can now easily throw a bag of cloth diapers to the top of the stairs. I credit this to “wall balls.”

– Since I’ve started running down the street with a 20-pound medicine ball on my shoulder, I’ve found that I can carry more groceries home from Whole Foods.

– Thanks to ring rows and squats, I can now give very good airplane rides to toddlers.

– I don’t have to be quite as afraid of public bathrooms, as all those squats have made – you guessed it – squatting a cinch. Seriously, I could squat through the world’s longest pee.

– Similarly, as I’ve held tight to a 55 lb weight for “Pet Rock,” and down 75 lb. “farmer carries,” carrying a sleeping toddler up the stairs is a cinch.

– I can jump up on a 16-inch box. This hasn’t really found it’s real-life counterpart, but I am sure that someday, for some reason, I will have to jump really high. Similarly, farmer carries will come in handy should I ever have to carry water from a well.

However, there will never be a real-life scenario for burpees. Maybe if I am in some kind of third-world torture camp scenario I will be glad I have done these before. But until then, I prefer to loathe them.

Paint the Fence

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