My Picks for Must-See Environmental Movies

Home on a cold winter night? Check out some of these must-see environmental films. Warning: You might not feel so good about those Raisinets watching some of these. But you will finish them anyway.


Erin Brockovich

Back in 2000, this movie was probably under-appreciated by most people – myself included – who mostly saw it as a heartwarming story of down-on-her-luck-lady-with-big-boobies-does-good. But watching it recently, I recognized just how important this true story was in relation to the uphill battle we are all currently fighting against big corporations who want to pollute our water, air, and land.

The 11th Hour

I know. You don’t think you want to hear Leonardo DiCaprio drone on about the polar bears. But I assure you it’s an important watch that offers some practical solutions.


If you have any questions about “fracking,” Marcellus Shale, or the Keystone Pipeline, I suggest you see this film immediately. Also see the sequel, Gasland 2.

The Story of Stuff

This film is about five-minutes and available for free online so you have no excuse. Unless, of course, you’ve already eschewed consumerism and no longer have access to a computer.

An Inconvenient Truth

Easily one of the most world-changing films ever made. I credit this film with opening my eyes to reality and sending me on a life-changing greener path. This film is the red pill that NEO takes in The Matrix. Sometimes I do miss blissful ignorance, but I know that living authentically and mindfully is ultimately the right choice. There is also a sequel released in 2017.

Food Inc.

Swallow that red pill down with a smoothie made from hormone-added milk from factory-farmed cows, pesticide-laden imported fruit, and genetically-modified sweeteners. Yum.


This is what happens if people keep taking the blue pills – lazy, wasteful roly-poly balls riding around on go-carts on a spaceship because the world is full of garbage. Fortunately, its portrayed through the eyes of a loveable, animated robot and has a happy ending. 🙂

Toxic Baby

It is such an honor to know someone like Penelope Jagessar Chaffer, the filmmaker behind Toxic Baby. On a quest to understand chemical toxicity and its effect on our children, Penelope submits herself to a barrage of toxicity tests and then seeks out some of the best environmental doctors and scientists, leading her to ask “Are we raising the most polluted generation in the history of the planet?” Sounds depressing, but it is truly enlightening, and told through brilliant animation and illustration.

Toxic Hot Seat

Available on HBO On Demand: follows a courageous group of firefighters and mothers, journalists and scientists, politicians and activists as they fight to expose a shadowy campaign of deception that left a toxic legacy in our homes and bodies – a campaign so cunning, it’s taken nearly 40 years to unravel.

Unacceptable Levels

Unacceptable Levels is yet another important film examining the unseen threat of toxic chemicals in our daily lives. Through the eyes of filmmaker Ed Brown, a father seeking to understand the world in which he and his wife are raising their children. Anchored in Brown’s own poignant experiences, the film follows his quest to uncover the impact of toxins on his family’s health.

The Devil We Know

Unraveling one of the biggest environmental scandals, citizens in West Virginia take on a powerful corporation after they discover it has knowingly been dumping a toxic chemical – now found in 99.7% of Americans – into the drinking water supply.

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