Mr. Brown and Mr. Gray: Possibly The Greatest Children’s Book Ever

My husband’s favorite book growing up was Mr. Brown and Mr. Gray, a little known book published in the late ’60s by William Wondriska. He held on to his copy since childhood, and was excited to share it with Sam when he was born. And it’s a good thing he held on to it, because it is long out of print and only available as a $40 collector’s item.

Once we started reading it to Sam, I understood why it was his favorite book. It is now my favorite children’s book and hopefully it will be Sam’s as well. The message is even more profound now than it was when it was written: essentially, that money and “stuff” does not buy happiness. Also, that when we are truly content and at peace – surrounded by only what we need and who we love – we may not even realize that we are truly happy.

I only wish the book was still available so I could share it with my friends. But the best I could do to share this beautiful book was to take some rather poor photographs of the pages and lay them out here for you to see. It’s worth the read, if you can excuse my poor graphics.

In an attempt to find out for their king what happiness is, two pigs on separate islands experiment with what each considers his ideal way of life, and each has very different results…





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