My Favorite Green Clothing Brands – And How To Save on Them

I adore buying secondhand. You don’t have to feel super guilty if you buy a synthetic fabric dress made in China – it’s already been bought and you are just keeping it out of the landfill.

But organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics are usually better quality and buying them supports the green economy. I try to keep my wardrobe about 50% new sustainable, with the rest being dictated by the resale shops.

Fortunately there are ways to save money on stylish, sustainable fashion. Here are some of my favorite brands and ways to get the best deals:

Toggery: Contemporary design using environmentally conscious fashion and made in the U.S. My most favorite tees that I stock up on in every color. Also tunics galore. Sign up for Pure Citizen and Loving Eco for flash sales and save up to 70%!

SAVASarah Va Aken is my homegirl: sustainable fashion made RIGHT HERE in Philly! The brand has its own manufacturing shop adjacent to the store, SAVA has been groundbreaking in the local green economy. They sell killer skinny jeans, dresses, tops – pretty much heaven in Center City. Sign up online for special offers, including discounts for supporting The Career Wardrobe!

Nixxi: High quality sustainable and always flattering silhouettes. I live for the wrap tops. Made in Canada. Ditto on the Pure Citizen and Loving Eco  flash sales

Stewart + Brown: Beautiful cardigans and long-sleeve tops for winter. Local eco-fashion boutique Arcadia stocks the brand in store and online. Frequent sales and special offers abound at this favorite shopping spot – especially if you’re savvy enough to shop off-season!

Sust: I’m pretty sure SUST hasn’t put out anything new since 2009. But back stock of these awesome organic cotton basics keep popping up on Pure Citizen at ridiculously low prices. Don’t miss the leggings or the disco tops!

Do you have favorite eco-fashion brands? And if so, where can I get a coupon? 🙂


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