Where to Find Organic Grocery Brand Coupons

where to find organic grocery brand coupons

I know my readers love ways to save on healthy and organic groceries.

I’ve been quoted lately in a few articles where I talk about my favorite green coupon resources like RecycleBank, Mambo Sprouts, Whole Foods coupons, green coupon aggregators like Organic Deals and Greenbacksgal, and flash sale sites like Pure Citizen and Loving Eco.

There is also a treasure trove of coupons to be found directly through some of our favorite organic grocery brands’ Web sites and Facebook pages. Sign up for these companies’ newsletters, search their sites, and follow their social media feeds to stock up on healthy deals:

Kashi: Always a great one to find through Recycle Bank, you can also join their newsletter list for added coupons

Stonyfield Farms: We live on YoBaby, YoToddler, YoKids, and Oikos. There are always coupons for these online.

Horizon Organics: Sign up for their newsletter

Muir Glen: Yes, I am a proud member of the “Tomato Connoisseurs Club.” New BPA free cans made me a fan of these for my sauces. Get $1 off each can.

Earths Best: My favorite organic formula, baby wipes, and disposable diapers (from the pre-cloth days) Also love the snacks, and they always have coupons

Happy Baby: I love the new Happy Munchies so much I want to cry. Must-have snacks for sneaking veggies!

Seventh Generation: This company is old school green, and I love them for it. Save on everything from 100% recycled paper goods to non-toxic cleaning products to organic cotton tampons.

Cascadian Farm: Get $1 just for signing up for their newsletter

Who am I missing? Feel free to comment!

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