Freezing My Butt Off: The Homemade Popsicle Diet

I’ve always been 10-20 lbs. overweight.

I have worked out religiously since I was 14 – from Pilates to pushing strollers and plenty of cardio in between. I eat super healthy and organic and barely snack all day. But then, at night, I eat half a box of Kashi Go Lean crunch in front of the TV – which couples with the metabolism of a snail to create the size 12 you see before you. I also have high blood sugar and high cholesterol, despite being one of the “healthiest” people I know.

I’ve tried everything to curb my late night cravings. But I may have found a new and entirely simple solution: Homemade Popsicles.

It seems that when one freezes a banana it tastes just like ice cream. And I couldn’t stop thinking about those strawberry-basil sorbet pops I had in Montreal.

So why not give it a try and see if it satiates me? I bought Tovolo Ice Pop Molds, which had great reviews and are BPA-free. I pureed some of my CSA peaches for one batch. Bananas with dark chocolate chips for another. And also a few strawberry and basil! So delicious and not a hint of anything artificial or fattening. Only natural fruit sugars, in a long-lasting frozen portion. I’ve managed three days so far with popsicle-only snacks. I’ll report back on whether this lasts and whether  I lose an ounce or if my body has permanently rejected all possibility of weight loss.

On the plus side, Sam freaking loves these things…

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