More Eco-Friendly Beach Essentials

While working on my eco-friendly beach essentials segment for NBC, I was pleasantly inundated with amazing new products I wanted to feature! Unfortunately, I only had three minutes, so a few products didn’t get the air time they deserved.

Here are a few of my favorites that I’ll be toting to the beach this summer

THE BISTROBRELLI: This is the queen of sustainable beach umbrellas! The bistroBRELLI’s tinted, transparent canopy provides 99% UVA/UVB/UVC sun protection and will withstand winds of 40MPH. Handmade using bamboo and biodegradable plastic. It is 100% biodegradable in compost or landfill!

Rock out at the beach with SOULRA, the first portable, solar-powered sound system for iPod/iPhone. The internal lithium ion battery can be charged via the sun’s rays with a fold-out solar panel, or with the included wall adapter to provide up to eight hours of play without having to plug it in. It’s built tough with an IPX-4 rugged layer of protection – making water splashes, sand and spills a non-issue.

SOLEO MARINE MIST: Fight damaging effects of environmental exposure with a seawater super moisturizer ultra blend. This refreshing bio-marine mist locks in moisture, soothes, heals and restores minerals repairing environmental, sun and wind damage on contact.

MAR Y SOL LUG TOTE: Perfect for hauling all your beach cargo, Mar y Sol’s Lug Tote is handmade with raffia & jute & has sturdy leather handles. Cotton drawstring closure and inside pocket keep your belongings secure.

I love a tote that does triple duty – practical, green, and has proceeds going to a good cause! Not to mention it’s super cute! THE DANDELION FOR BABY ECOCHIC TOTE is big and roomy, is made of organic cotton, and a portion of proceeds go to Breast Cancer research.

CHIPKOS ORIGINAL SANDALS are super comfy and made from eco-friendly materials including sustainable raffia fiber grass, recycled EVA, and organic cotton. For each pair of sandals they sell, Chipkos adopts 100 square feet of the rain forest. Adoption of the rain forest ensures the protection and preservation of the adopted land, as well as the species and natural resources which exist on it.

GREENBUG NATURAL PEST REPELLENTS keep away all the pests you don’t want such as mosquitoes, sand fleas, ants, ticks, fire ants, roaches, and bed bug.! Made with an active ingredient of cedar plus food-grade safe carriers creates a ‘green’ pest repellent. Unlike synthetic toxic pesticides, Greenbug has no effect on beneficial creatures such as butterflies, honey bees, ladybugs, crustaceans, amphibians, fish, and birds!

BRITTANIE’S THYME newly formulated Outdoor Harmony Organic Bug Spray is USDA certified organic, safe for all ages and biodegradable. It does not contain citronella and is effective for up to five hours. The smell is sweet, but strong, so I like to keep these bottles out on the deck to ward away mosquitos!

A big, soft, beautiful towel makes you feel luxurious even if your shower tap has a slow, cold drip. COYUCHI TOWELS are super sumptuous and sustainable, loomed from pure organic cotton. Soft and thirsty, they’re designed to dry quickly on the towel bar and in the dryer.

The sand, the waves, the ocean breeze – a day at the beach is nature at its best! So why spoil it with a bunch of unhealthy
chemicals, plastic bags, and broken umbrellas?

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