Holy Crap! I’m Sold on Cloth Diapering

Attention cloth diapering mamas – you win!

You may have read about my first “upgrade” to gDiapers, as a stepping stone to cloth. I still think they are a great option, but honestly a bit cost-prohibitive.

So when I met “The Diaper Nanny”, I was ready to finally tackle my largest obstacle to proper green mom status: the cloth diaper.

I knew that cloth diapers were massively better than they used to be – modern, simpler, and even fashionable. But I just couldn’t get past the extra laundry loads – especially knowing that my own personal O.C.D. would not allow me to ever feel like the diapers were really getting clean.

But  The Diaper Nanny – or similar services in your area – handles all the dirty work for you. They drop off perfectly fitted, pre-filled pocket diapers right to your door twice a week. They also take the whole mess away, and take your dirty diapers back to their place to clean, sanitize, and line dry!

And the best part is that even with this door-to-door service, you will still save up to $1500 on the average diaperhood! I only wish I started soon before I spent a fortune on disposables. But, hey, this is a learning process for us all, and now I will be entirely ready for #2 (No pun intended. And NO, not ready for another baby YET!!)

Here is what else I have learned in this short experience:

  • For some reason, the mess in the cloth diaper actually seems, well, less messy. I was able to shake it off into the toilet surprisingly easily. And it’s fine if the diapers still have some mess on them – you don’t have to rinse or spray – these people are miracle workers.
  • Less mess in the diaper bin equals a much fresher smelling room! Seriously, this might be my favorite benefit. The reusable diaper bag can fill up without many trips to the dumpster holding your breath.
  • When you are out, you can bring a “wet bag,” a reusable zipper bag that you can then throw along into the diaper bin and the diaper service will clean it ALL for you!

As a new convert, I must remember to still support my disposable diaper mamas (just please no Pampers!) But I will be able to offer some practical advice for anyone interested in trying out the various available options. Just don’t knock me for skipping out on “elimination communication.” Is it potty training time yet?

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