Try a Little Craftiness

Being both green and frugal, I refuse to pay for wrapping paper. (I hate cards too, but suck it up and buy thm because I know people like them. Though often these days people receive a Crayola masterpiece by my toddler as their “card”)

Usually I have enough gift wrap scraps and received gift bags to creat recycled masterpieces, but I was stuck with a large Crate & Barrel box – having schewed the $6 gift wrap offer –  and nothing large enough to wrap it in. Usually I go with comic strips in this case, but this was for a bridal shower and I wanted to be a bit more tasteful.

Fortunately I came across one of very few found items I was actually hoarding – two beautiful Japanese poster prints I had found in the street (trashpicker!) Worked beautifully as gift wrap and finished with some matching fake flowers from the gift scrap box. Free, recycled, and beautiful, Voila!

Speaking of crafty, a few weeks back I called 311 to report my allergists’ office for refusing to recycle. Call me a tattle tale if you will – I prefer glorified hall monitor. And guess what? When I came in the building today there was this huge stack of new waste bins by the door. For recycling? Perhaps. Certainly promising…

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