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I’ve said before that I do want to commend the small steps large corporations are taking to reduce their carbon footprints and be a little greener. Clorox Greenworks isn’t my first choice, but it’s a commendable start. H&M has still some pretty awful practices, but I would totally check out their Conscious Collection.

But blatant greenwashed marketing makes me furious, and no one has me more fired up than Proctor & Gamble.

Turn on the TV or open your newspaper to find the P&G “Future Friendly” Brandsaver: “Save Energy with Tide Coldwater,” “Sustainably Manufactured Charmin MegaRoll, “Save Water with Cascade.”

OK, so you are using slightly less energy in your plant that creates paper products from 100% virgin trees? You are adding an extra dose of toxic chemicals to your dishwasher to avoid the pre-rinse. And you are touting this all as “creating a better future for our children,” showing advertisements with children skipping along with reusable bags filled with Febreze and Crest Whitening Strips.

Even more frustrating is that this campaign is backed by so much of the national media, and even partnered with my beloved RecycleBank.

The folks at The Good Human said it best:

“Proctor & Gamble’s new ad slogan is “Future Friendly”, but when looking at the products they are branding with it, you have to wonder who exactly runs their ad division – a hired team of greenwashing experts? Non-recycled content toilet paper and paper towels, Swiffer sweepers, chemically-scented body sprays, Febreze, disposable diapers, deodorant with aluminum in it, petroleum-based dish soap… the list goes on… and on… and on.”

So basically, they are just taking their existing toxic brands and trying to find the “greenest” thing about them and tout it for marketing purposes. Really no different from saying, “Draino: We haven’t shot a kitten in 30 years.” or “Revlon: We buy girl scout cookies from our kids.”

Come up with your own clever green marketing campaign here and you just might win a copy of my book! 🙂 Submit as a comment here. Have fun!

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