My Favorite “Green Gift” – Another Blogger Who Understands

There is nothing I love more than meeting other moms who openly relate to the struggle with green guilt and eco-anxiety. I was so fortunate to “tweet up” with Amity, the blogger and shopkeeper behind (who will also be stocking my book!)

Amity wrote to me, “I get on my green high horse more often than I care to admit, but then I find myself doing something like this weekend — caving to my husband’s plan of buying an entertainment center from IKEA because my efforts at Craigslist and all the consignment stores have been fruitless.”

After we chatted about the guilt we feel when we don’t throw all the food scraps in the compost bin, I found a recent post Amity had written about “Green Guilt” and her “flexatarian” attitude. 

I love when she writes, “I figure no one ever criticized a smoker into quitting. So sending evil glares to parents idling their cars at school pickup isn’t likely to make them change their ways.  Besides, I need volunteers at the school’s Earth Day event, so it’s best to stay on their good side.”

Boy, can I relate! I only wish she lived closer so we could help each other through those days when we “don’t make it to the dryer on time to hang up the clothes and have to push the energy-hogging “restart” button.”

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