An Open Letter to Planet Green

Dear Planet Green,

When you launched in 2008 I was completely smitten. Twenty-four-seven green living programming launching at just the right time for America. Simple, inspiring shows like WASTED, Emeril Green, G Word, Hollywood Green. I could even deal with with the overly zealous Living With Ed.

But somewhere along the way, despite the undeniably growing interest and awareness of green living, the programming has fallen out. It started with an overabundance of reruns and questionable green programming. And now the broadcast schedule is peppered with programs like Napolean’s Obsession: Quest, Nazi UFO Conspiracy, and  – my personal favorite – The History of Slot Machines.

I don’t get it. Your Web site is still powered by green content (forgiving greenwashed ads by Coke and Aquafina). When angry viewers lash out on your Facebook page, you claim you are in the process of restructuring. Into what?

It looks like you have one or two new green programs on the horizon, but it seems pretty few and far between. There’s only so long you can run on the steam of The Fabulous Beekman Boys. If it’s for lack of ideas, ask me! I could come up with about a dozen new and interesting green-themed shows off the top of my head!

Basically what I’m saying is, “Poop or get off the pot.” If you are transitioning into some kind of leftover channel, just change your name to the Random Network and be done with it. But if you are truly in the process of new show development, I think your viewers would rather watch repeats of Coastwatch than have to question the integrity and purpose of this channel.

Thanks for listening,


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