Spit That Out! was created to help parents (and non-parents) navigate the ever-challenging and changing world of environmental and health information.

I am happy to work with brands on sponsored content for my blog and social media platforms as long as they align with my mission to create a better, more sustainable and healthy world.

While I may write about products and brands that are not “100% perfect,” I will be honest about pointing out flaws and suggesting better practices, ingredients, or standards.

I will not work with brands, products, or companies which:

  • I would not feel comfortable purchasing for myself or my family
  • Contain known toxic ingredients
  • Are made with artificial ingredients, hormones, or GMOs
  • Are made from PVC plastic or contain phthalates or other known endocrine disrupters
  • Have unfair labor practices
  • Are causing unnecessary damage to the planet through poor environmental practices

Most of all, brand partners must be honest, transparent, and hold consumer health and safety as the number one priority.

Brands interested in working with me directly can learn more about me here and contact me at

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Publisher: New Society Publishers

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