Upgrade Your Kid-Friendly Snacks with Pure Growth Organic

I’ve written before about the struggle to get kids to eat healthier in a world resplendent with Goldfish and Rice Krispie Treats. Artificial colors, flavors, and GMO ingredients are simply a fact of life for kids who are given treats everywhere from the classroom to the dentist’s office.

Rather than try to keep my kids in a bubble, I make an effort to replace traditional goodies with better versions of familiar snacks. I replace regular lollipops and gummy worms with the organic version, realizing that, yes, it’s still sugar, but at least it’s better than the regular variety of high-fructose artificial gunk.

That’s why when I discovered Pure Growth Organic I knew my kids would love these snacks. Organic Crispy Rice Squares made with brown rice look and taste just like a familiar marshmallow treat.
Organic Cheddar Monkeys are baked with real cheddar cheese and no artificial flavors, replacing the ubiquitous aquatic variety.

First, play.
Then eat.

Pure Growth Organic was created in the belief that organic snacking should be more delicious, more engaging for children, and more accessible for families. All of their products are USDA Organic certified, kosher, and baked & popped in the U.S. Other treats include veggie chips, popcorn, snack mix, animal crackers, breakfast biscuits, and breakfast bars – some of which are vegan and/or gluten-free.

A mission-driven company, Pure Growth Organic partners with organizations that provide services and opportunities for kids and families across the country.

Accessible to all, Pure Growth is sold nationwide at Walmart, Target, Amazon, and other retailers which you can find with their store locator.

Use this link to automatically apply 20% off your Amazon purchase!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post created in partnership with Pure Growth Organic. Regardless, my opinions are honest. See my full disclosure here.

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