The Mommy Greenest Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, & Beyond

What’s the number one way to wake someone up to all the issues Americans face with lead in lipstick, artificial dyes in foods, and flame retardants in car seats?

Get them pregnant.

That’s what sent me on the information spiral that lead to this book and blog. And it’s what prompted my dear friend Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff to write The Mommy Greenest Guide to Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

Rachel’s book come with the support of her friends at Naturepedic mattresses (no pun intended), a natural mattress company I’ve talked about before, leading the innovation on safe sleep.

The easy and quick read includes the lowdown on everything from the best way to filter water and paint the nursery to pregnancy sex. And the best part – it’s completely free for download online.

Just another wonderful read to make green living more manageable, practical, and affordable!

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