Drawing Conclusions Book Review and Giveaway

A dumpster-diving heroine?

A solar-powered protagonist?

A champion for the righteous – and the recycled?

It takes a really good book to get me hooked, and it’s wonderful to find a main female character who takes on environmental and ethical crime.

With her A Sketch in Crime Mystery Series, debut novelist Deirdre Verne creates a fascinating protagonist with eco-conscious and sustainable values. Throughout the mystery series, it is freegan artist CeCe Prentice’s self-sufficiency and resourcefulness that drive her crime-solving success.

Throughout the series, eco-conscious writer Verne paints a picture of character whose passion for sustainability has drawn her to an off-grid lifestyle. Whether she is operating a manual washing machine, exploring alternative energy sources, or working on her farmstead, she tackles larger questions of genetic engineering, medical industry ethics, and even freegan versus vegan lifestyle choices.

Drawing Conclusions

In Drawing Conclusions, CeCe spends her days dumpster diving for sustenance and sketching intricate details from the faces around her, while her father and twin brother Teddy work in a genetics laboratory. Despite her disdain for consumerism, CeCe has maintained a close relationship with her brother, and is shocked and devastated by his untimely murder. She has scarcely begun to process the news when attempts are made on her own life. Now it’s up to CeCe to draw on her skills as a sketch artist to help the authorities catch the killer—before it’s too late.

Now that I know who the criminals are in the first book, I can’t wait to see her take on crimes at a recycling center and an energy facility in the follow-ups!

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