My Bucket List – A Five Year Check-In


Back in January 2010, I decided to create a personal “Bucket List.” The goals had no expiration date – apart from death, of course. But I thought it would be interesting to check in five years later to see what I was able to cross off my list and how my goals for the future have changed.

The following goals from my original bucket list have been completed:

  • Swim with Dolphins (√ – APRIL 2010)
  • Publish a book ( – NOVEMBER 2010)
  • Weigh under 145 pounds (without losing a limb or breast, as I am not taking chances for cruel irony) (√ – JANUARY 2012)
  • Take a family cruise (√– FEBRUARY 2013)
  • Give Sam a sibling (√ – JUNE 2013)

Uncompleted goals (with my new addendums):

  • Spend at least a two-week stretch of time in London
  • Be in the audience of The Graham Norton Show
  • Go to France
    • I would like to condense the above three goals to the following: Spend any amount of time in London, preferably without the children, for a trip that includes being in the audience of the Graham Norton Show. Ideally the couch would include Jo Brand, Jennifer Saunders, Margaret Cho, and musical guest Kate Bush who comes out of retirement for one more show. This trip can also include a quick trip to Paris on the Eurostar, thereby killing three goals in one brief trip.
  • Perform a really good Karaoke duet, preferably “Candy” by Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson or “Stop Dragging my Heart Around” by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty
    • This is literally the easiest one but I have made no progress in five years. If I don’t check this off at my next five year check in I have clearly not tried very hard. I think the problem thus far has been that this would probably require staying up past 9 p.m.
  • Drive Cross Country
  • Visit major U.S. cities I haven’t seen including Chicago, Atlanta, Houston or Dallas, and New Orleans (√ Chicago August 2013, Atlanta July 2014 – halfway to goal!)
  • Have a proper conversation with Kathy Griffin and/or Margaret Cho
    • UPDATE: Met and chatted briefly with Margaret Cho March 1, 2015!
  • Kiss Christopher Atkins (has-been 80s actor I am still strangely obsessed with)
    • This is becoming less and less realistic as this obscure actor lives cross-country and is well into his fifties. It’s also really, really weird and I should probably delete it, but won’t.
  • Go to IsraelCall me a bad Jew, but I am sort of over this one.
  • Get a “mommy lift” (As of November 2014 – even after another childbirth and regularly self-shaming my belly – I no longer want this!! )

MET GOALS that I never even imagined having five years ago:

  • Ran a 10K 
  • Competed in several CrossFit competitions 
  • Did a 5K mud run/obstacle course 
  • Can do pull ups, climb a rope, and do at least 20 consecutive double unders 
  • Spoke at amazing conferences advocating for my passions! 
  • Opportunities to appear on TV to share fun ideas for greener living 


  • Broad Street Run – 10 miles! UPDATE:√ May 3, 2015
  • Spartan Race/Unite Fitness Decathalon/ or similar UPDATE:√ July 12, 2015
  • Renovate top floor to include bathroom, therefore finally not having to share a bathroom with my children. (First world problem, but bare with me) UPDATE: √ May 2015
  • Publish a revised version of Spit That Out! – with the addendum that I will only do this with proper backing from a publisher OR after waiting another 15 years when everything I have said will be completely obsolete. UPDATE: √ To be published by New Society Press Fall 2016!!

Do you have a bucket list? What life adventures did I forget to add to mine?

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