Summer Camp Sessions Still Open at InMovement – Plus Parkour for Little Ninjas

A couple years ago I held my son’s 3rd birthday party at Philly InMovement and the kids had a blast. I let the owner know that everything was pretty much perfect. But, me being me, I had to put a bug in her ear about the use of conventional (i.e. toxic) cleaning products. Watching her wipe down the mats with Clorox just made my inner green mom speak up!

Two years later she tells me she remembers me and the comment I made about the cleaners. But rather than make me feel like a loon, she tells me she actually took my advice to heart and found it easy and affordable to switch to safer cleaning products. My heart soared and I knew this was the kind of place I’d want my very active children to frequent.

Fortunately Philly InMovement Camps offer weekly summer sessions with space available to keep even the wiggliest campers busy, excited, and away from the TV. Movement Enrichment Camps include exposure to an array of physical activities including rock climbing, slack lining, dance, gymnastics, parkour (yep, more on that later), yoga, group games, and outdoor activities. An emphasis is placed on being playful and curious while discovering all the different ways in which our body can move.

The more in-depth Gymnastics Camp focuses on the elements of gymnastics through safe and proper technique. Campers explore the fundamentals of tumbling, beam, bars, and vault, and develop strength and flexibility through stretching and dancing activities.Hard work and group support is emphasized through team challenges and goal setting.

The first weekly session, beginning July 7, is designed for advanced gymnastics levels. After that the sessions will alternate weekly between general movement enrichment camp (ages 5-11 years) and gymnastics camp (ages 5-12 years). Before and after care is also available through their awesome neighbors at Queen Village Art Center.

If your kids already have summer camp plans – or are lucky enough to have preschool through the summer – there are still plenty of extracurricular activities available during the summer months. My personal favorite is Kids Parkour – possibly the coolest kids class in the city. Parkour – a cool new trend with origins in France – is a way of getting around objects in the quickest way possible, often by climbing, jumping or vaulting over them. This class, designed for ages 6-12, consists of warm-ups, strengthening, and learning and practicing Parkour techniques. Parkour is offered as part of all summer camp programs and more in-depth sessions are available with two four-week summer sessions.

Philly InMovement has been providing gymnastics and other physical movement based education for Philadelphians of all ages and ability levels since 2008. InMovement’s philosophy emphasizes increasing one’s movement possibilities as an essential part of personal growth and community involvement. Through exciting and creative activities, InMovement reaches to find a balance between joyful play and proper technique. A body InMovement is strong physically, mentally and socially. InMovement is located at 500 Kenilworth Street in the Queen Village section of Philadelphia. Learn more by calling 267-239-0844 or visiting

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