Giveaway: Boiron Arnicare Gel and Calendula Cream

Yes, I am that “green mom” who still relies on plenty of conventional medicine. I don’t think herbs alone will cure an ear infection or keep my anxiety in check.

That said, when there is an alternative or homeopathic method that works for my family, I am all about it! I’m a big believer in integrative medicine, and have found acupuncture and arnica to be just as beneficial to my well being as aspirin.

One natural brand I have found to be safe and effective is Boiron, a world leader in homeopathic medicines. Boiron  is committed to providing products that work naturally with your body without causing drowsiness or drug interactions.

Arnicare Gel works naturally with your body to relieve pain – and I have become very reliant on it for my various CrossFit bumps and bruises! Made from Arnica montana, a natural homeopathic ingredient, it is safe to use at the first sign of muscle pain, swelling from injuries or bruising. Arnicare Gel is unscented, non-greasy and quickly absorbed by the skin, so it’s convenient and easy to use anywhere on your body.

Calendula is the miracle cure for cradle cap and baby acne – it was a must have for those first couple of months with a newborn when all that funky stuff starts to happen! Calendula helps to naturally heal all kinds of skin irritations – including pesky summer bug bites. Calendula Cream is ideal for use on sensitive skin. Use it on dry skin, scrapes or chafing.


Giveaway: Enter to win a Boiron Summer Essentials Kit including one full-size Arnicare Gel and one full size Calendula Cream:

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Disclosure: I received samples of these Boiron products for review. Regardless, my opinions are honest. See my full disclosure here. 

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