What are Your “Life Hacks”

Lately I have seen quite a few “Lifehack” posts going around via sites like Buzzfeed and BoredPanda. Lifehacks are simple tricks to make life easier, often including upcycling, money-saving, and why-didn’t-I-think-of-that tips. Some popular ones are using a can opener to break plastic clamshell packaging and the realization that the hole in the handle of a pan is meant for resting the spoon.

I have a few little Lifehacks of my own that I thought I’d share with my readers and see if you have any of your own. Anything that makes life easier is a win – especially if it can save money or find a new use for an old product!


1. Starbucks Hack: My original inspiration for this post was the realization that I was paying way too much to feed my Starbucks Iced Soy Latte addiction. I tried ordering an iced coffee with extra soy milk and it was more than two dollars cheaper and tasted exactly the same!


2. ID Hack: Take a picture of your driver’s license with your smartphone. I realized that I don’t always have my wallet but I always have my phone. Case in point – only having cash in my gym bag when I try to buy Claritin D! If you don’t have your ID on you, they will accept a photo of it.

3. Closet Hack: Keep a tote bag hanging in every closet so you can easily set aside outgrown or unwanted clothes as you discover them. Once you have a bag full you can swap them through online portals like Poshmark (Sign up w code BQNPY for $5 credit) and LikeTwice or donate to good causes.

4. Cooking Hack: Save portions of leftover broth, stock, or wine in ice cube trays.

5. Cleaning Hack: I use lemons and oranges for everything. Always put these in the garbage disposal to freshen things up. And after you throw those rinds in the sink, you can use them to scrub dishes – they work great and you won’t waste a rag!



6. Upcycle Hack: Turn your broken laundry basket into a sled!



Coincidentally, as I was working on this blog post I was asked to submit one of these for an article on “Green Lifehacks.” Check out these other great ideas!

What are your lifehacks?

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