Discount on 3Girls Holistic For Natural Beauty and Postpartum Wellness

It’s always wonderful to discover a new natural beauty line, especially when it created by moms who understand a woman’s changing skin and body.

3Girls Holistic is a new organic-based skincare line creating natural, affordable, and effective products for women as well as products targeted to new moms and children. The line includes cleansers, creams, aromatherapy mists, and postpartum products. 3Girls Holistic was developed to not only nourish the skin but to improve overall health.

With that philosophy in mind, the entire line is 100% natural and handcrafted with either organic or wild-harvested ingredients that have been carefully selected for their demonstrated benefits. In fact, the entire line is pure enough to eat.

Unlike other natural products on the market that contain dozens of ingredients, 3Girls Holistic believes less is more.  Being selective and simple gives each ingredient the ability to work at its maximum benefit level. 3Girls Holistic infuses its herbs into the oils over a period of weeks, to achieve their highest potential for healing.

All products are handmade in Nevada and all materials are sourced from U.S.-based companies. 3Girls Holistic products are available at Motherhood Maternity stores nationwide, online, and in other select retailers.

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Introductory Kit from 3Girls Holistic - Natural and Organic Skin

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