Guest Post: PVC-free Decor for a Healthy Nursery

PVC-free Decor for a Healthy Nursery by Alicia Voorhies, The Soft Landing

You’ve done your best to remove toxic chemicals from baby bottles, toys, clothes and mattresses for your new little bundle of joy.  You’ve even chosen a low VOC paint for the bedroom.  But now it’s time to decorate, and everywhere you turn, you’re met with loads of PVC coated wallpaper and wall graphics that have a distinct smell of off-gassing.  Well don’t worry, because I’ve got you – and your walls – covered.

I’m sure you’ve heard me harp on PVC a thousand times by now, but it’s for good reason, I tell you!   As one of the most poisonous plastics ever made, PVC is highly toxic from manufacture to disposal. It releases hazardous chemicals like lead and dioxin (of Agent Orange fame) into the air and water.

Choosing PVC-free wall clings and wallpaper made with safe, formaldehyde-free adhesive will decrease your baby’s exposure.  It will also lower the demand in the marketplace, signaling manufacturers that we don’t want their toxic stuff!

It was tough to find PVC-free wall clings about two years when I first created a shopping guide.  Now there are many more options, so it’s much easier to find a design that fits your nursery theme, so check out my Shopping Guide for some adorable, PVC-free wall decorations.

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