Advice for Kate Middleton for a Greener Pregnancy

Dear Kate,

Congratulations! While you are carrying the most famous fetus in the world, I am just about as far along as you, though carrying a baby far less likely to be royalty.

But what truly separates you and I is your ability to create change and awareness through your everyday actions. I hope that like so many new mothers, this pregnancy creates a new found awareness of your environment and health so you can start to enact small lifestyle changes that will cause a HUGE ripple effect for the rest of the world.

For instance, maybe you will realize how many harsh chemicals there are in conventional cleaners. If The Daily Mail caught wind of the royal palace switching to nontoxic cleaning products, imagine what a wake up call that would be to the nation!

The tabloids examine your beauty from every angle and pay painstaking attention to your favorite lipstick shade. I hope you learn about the danger of conventional cosmetics and personal care products and switch to the myriad of luxury organic beauty products available to you!

For every organic cotton onesie you purchase, millions will be bought in emulation. Your choice of stroller, crib, and carseat will leave the world breathless with anticipation – how brilliant would it be if your supported sustainable companies!

Of course, you have so much to worry about. And I imagine your caretakers may be a little too worried for you! But perhaps all that worry and fuss can be channeled into something truly world-changing.

This new prince has the potential to rule Great Britain. But, for now, it is you who holds the key to the minds and hearts of millions of women.

Wishing you a healthy, safe, and greener pregnancy. And secretly hoping you will gain just as much weight as me.



By Prince_Harry_and_Kate_Middleton_at_the_Garter_Procession_2008.jpg: Nick Warner from Windsor, England 2007_WSJ_Prince_William.jpg: Alexandre Goulet Brian Dell via Wikimedia Commons

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