Get a Free Sample of My New Obsession: Good Greens Bars

I have a new favorite snack. And I actually get sad when my family wants to share, because I’m tempted to keep these all for myself.

Good Greens bars contain 100% of daily vitamins through Z-52, a patented blend of 52 natural, minimally-processed superfoods.

Sound gimmicky? I was skeptical at first too so I sought out more information and found the company to be pleasantly transparent with its proprietary blends.

Among the medicinal raw foods concentrated in Good Greens are spirulina, a cyanobacteria and one of the highest protein and most phytonutrient-dense foods on the planet; camu camu, a powder derived from a potent berry which packs more than 11 times the recommended daily value of vitamin C into a single teaspoon; plus alfalfa, wheatgrass, spinach, pomegranate, and ginger. These and 45 other nutritionally-optimal, free radical-fighting foods are condensed into the pocket-sized bars, making a yummy powerhouse meal accessible at any time or place.

And did I mentioned they are covered in chocolate?

The 100-percent vegan bars contain the nutritional equivalent of a full day’s worth of fruits and vegetables, but even the highest nutritional value food in the world will go uneaten if it doesn’t taste good. Fortunately, these are seriously delicious – kids will gobble them up like candy. Their dark chocolate coating (wildberry is the chocolate-free variety) enhances the flavor experience while still maintaining the bars’ status as a low glycemic index food, suitable even for diabetics.

The sugar content is reasonable – 14 grams, which is less than their counterpart snack bars, and at 12 grams, the protein content is pretty high. The bars are 72% Organic – some of the ingredients they we use in the powder are found in the wild, and therefore aren’t certified organic. They are also in the process of being NON-GMO certified.

You can get a box of 12 for less than $24 on Amazon or get a free sample at

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