Phony Farmstand Update

Still reeling over last week’s phony farmstand encounter, I was all ready to raise hell on my next trip up Route 31. But, of course, when I got there they were randomly “closed for repairs.” I was looking to at least fine the name of the stand so I could contact them via phone or e-mail, but the only clue I got was the “Cvetan Bros. Produce” truck parked by the stand. I would assume that this is the company, but Google shows the company’s address as being across the street. As there is no answer to the listed phone number or email, I am going to believe that this is the business affiliated with the imported produce.

With no means of contact to air my grievances, I was forced to leave a hastily-scribbled note along with the produce sticker on the stand’s community bulliten board. Not my finest work, but the best I could do with limited resources.

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