Not Everything Should Taste Like Candy

It’s been almot a year since I stopped nursing and put away Sam’s peditrician-recomended daily vitamin. At the time, Tri-Vi-Sol, a vitamin A, D, and C supplement produced by the formula company Enfamil, seemed like a fairly innocuous standard.

But today I received an email from a friend with a 3-month-old baby girl:

“Do you guys give Sam a vitamin? And if so, do you use one with clean ingredients? The one our dr prescribed has caramel color in it and I would prefer if our daughter didn’t ingest this. Any thoughts on this?”

Hmm…something even I had never stressed about (until now, of course). The vitamin that touts itself as “free of artificial sweeteners” is apparently lying right on the box, which on the flipside lists “artificial flavor and color (caramel).” And here’s a fun article that came out last week about caramel’s color’s possible carcenogenic links.

Why does there need to be anything artificial in this, let alone color? Newborns will happily eat their own poop, there is no reason why vitamin drops need to be a candy apple red. Breast milk isn’t exactly bursting with colors or fruit flavors.

I did some research and found a few alternative vitamin drops like  Carlson Baby Vitamin D Drops that don’t list any additives.

I’ve certainly learned something new to keep in mind for possible baby #2. In the meantime, this gets me wondering if Sam should be taking some kind of vitamins to supplement his current diet of bread, pasta, and clementines. I have a feeling I won’t be buying anything of the Flintstone variety…

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